Strawberries & Summer

Strawberries and summer seem to always go together. I love to make freezer jam out of fresh strawberries at this time of year, when strawberries are so affordable. There is a particular store that carries canning supplies this time of year, but always seems to place the supplies in a different, random, hard to locate place each year. I am grateful they carry them, however. So, I walk into the store, I won't name which one, and ask someone to point me in the direction of the "fruit pectin & canning supplies" and about half of the time they look at me like I'm speaking a completely different language. They might say something like, "What is that!?"
Apparently canning is not as popular among the upcoming generations, and I fear that our children will have an even tougher time finding the elusive pectin, if they plan to can when they are grown!