Learn how to make your own Modern Lantern Ball

You can use these to decorate when entertaining,such as for baby showers and birthdays, and to bring some hand-made art to your kid's room! I have even heard of them being used for decorating your Christmas tree; in smaller form of course! Here's how to make one:

You will need to make 20 circles all the same size. The thicker the paper the more solid the ball will be. If you want a small ball you will need smaller circles, for a bigger ball, bigger circles, and so forth. For mine I used a 7 inch bowl for a stencil. Fold the circles in on three sides to form a triangle as shown above. You want to fold towards the print you want showing.

Using a glue gun, glue two circles together at the half oval fold, leaving the middle triangle and two other half-oval folds free of glue. you should have five circles coming together at one point. Continue gluing two folds together until you form the complete ball.