Coming back to the "Real World"

Coming back to the "real world", after a cruise to Cabo, is a bit of a shock! As you can see the day we left was a bit windy, to say the least. I had a new "up do" about every second...... but, we were actually lucky enough to have the sun come out for most of our trip. A highlight of the trip was learning how to carve a watermelon into a piece of art. Another more obvious highlight, was being able to spend uninterrupted time with my husband. The crew was amazing at making sure we didn't have to lift a finger. So, there was plenty of time for watching shows, lounging on the deck, reading, exercising, and playing games. They were so efficient, in fact, that before I was able to bend down to pick up an olive, that I had dropped, someone came by and swept it up. I just laughed. So now, although I was ready to come home, you can see why being back in the "real world" is a bit of a shock!